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Design / Art Direction
Online travel companies often find themselves differentiating themselves from the others through pricing lone. Enter Tripify (formerly known under a different name) who vowed to combine the customer service of the past with the technology of the future. Their angle, along with very competitive prices was to provide a concierge or travel agent who was just a phone call away. No matter where one might be traveling, whether it be Minneapolis or Mumbai, you had a direct line to your very own concierge who could offer their support with a multitude of travel related issues.

Given the name change and the strategy shift, Tripify required a new look that would usher them into the present day. Working independently, I created an identity system that is a subtle nod to the golden age of travel when agents and customer service were a routine part of the travel experience. The logo itself is a minimalist interpretation of a compass which was made using the counter space of the “y” married with a modern day san-serif typeface. This simple mark allows for a very expandable system of color, photography, iconography and bold fonts which harken the printed materials of days past. For me, I wanted to create a system that felt modern, yet very at home in the book “Carouschka’s Tickets”.

Scope: Design strategy, visual identity, brand guidelines, brand book, print, digital, OOH.
Studio: Barker
Creative Director: Sandi Harari