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Industrial & Graphic Design / Art Direction
Several years back while sitting at my computer working on a new product mark for Samsung the idea for a mason jar specific pour-over coffee maker hit me. Within the hour I had a functioning prototype and shortly met with a metal fabricator to the determine the best method of manufacturing. Fast forward 6 months and the first shipment of Pour Mason’s arrived on my loading dock. After a successful Kickstarter, many months of phone calls, drawings, designing, meetings, and trips to Williamsburg Brooklyn the Pour Mason was a real product ready for store shelves. After selling close to 3k units, partnering with West Elm, and deciding to move to the New York City area I sold the Pour Mason to one of my early retail partners.

Fast Co. Design
Swiss Miss

Scope: Industrial design, product management, prototyping, print, digital, social.
Studio: Hello-Rand™