Design / Art Direction
With the rise of the cannabis/hemp industry we’re now beginning to not only learn but also study the beneficial effects of the these plants. CBD oil is claimed to relieve anxiety, depression, joint pain, acne and even mental health symptoms all while having no real adverse side effects. This explains the explosion of CBD products across the marketplace.

CottonLip is an all natural, CBD oil infused, Hemp based lip balm that I created and produced. The cannabis/hemp industry is overloaded with package design showing realistic Marijuana leaves on a “crunchy” style layout married with “all-natural” looking fonts. After naming the product, which is a play on “cotton mouth”, the idea that the lip balm will make your lips soft [as cotton] and the chill effect of CBD I wanted the product to look modern and relevant in it’s design. The pink and green color palette speaks to the benefits and ingredients of the balm while Helvetica Neue Light brings a fashion-esque, industrious quality to the product. Currently still under development to be launched across New York City in early 2019.

Scope: Design strategy, visual identity, naming, product design/development, print, packaging.
Studio: HelloRand