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Design / Art Direction
Several years back BuzzFeed took a step into the consumer products world by launching BuzzFeed Product Labs. This new endeavor was lead by a crack team of hustlers who would routinely bring new products to market within a matter of days. The overarching idea was that BuzzFeed could create “social” products based on the most popular content from their site.

I had the pleasure of creating an identity system for Product Labs. The custom wordmark and monogram speaks to the unique path of a product when moving through the pipeline to manufacturing. Building on that visual language, the “machine” was developed as a pattern that incorporates a multitude of icons, symbols and products. Lastly, there is “Paul”, the penguin icon that is the distillation of the wordmark and the machine into one, iconic mark.

Scope: Design strategy, visual identity, print, digital.
Studio: BuzzFeed Product Labs
Creative Director: Viresh Chopra